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I heard this guy pulled a gun on a customer today.Not exactly good business if you ask me.

Furthermore, it is quite known that this is the last place you should take your automobile. They will overcharge for and misrepresent needed repairs. I know if this guy pulled a gun on me I would have returned the favor in addition to unloading my clip. The best part from my understanding is the police sited the castle doctrine when reasoning why James Struble would not face criminal charges!

Oh yeah forgot to mention the guy works for the police department as a tow man.Might be the real reason why he is not facing charges.

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Before u write something about some and there place of business u should know all the facts. This man has no idea what he is talking about.


Well I know this man I was their that day he wanted to pick up his mother's car after she left his brother drive it and had no driver license and on his 3 DUI the car was towed by Struble's and they were called by 911 witch Derry police called I seen this big over size man pushing Mr Struble telling him he wanted the keys and was not paying the late night tow fee plus storage fee. so what I seen Mr Struble had no choice but to send that very aggressive man from his shop using the gun because of his size, the chief of police met him out side and told him to pay Struble get his car and be lucky he is still here and not charged with any thing.

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